In October-December, two children meet in their school and become friends. One of them is Boyan Karshakov Jr. He has a really nice potential for Microsoft and is really good and knowing MS products and coding. The other one is Christian Ternyanov. He has a creative mind and likes to design stuff. By November, Boyan learns Chris about Windows and Microsoft and he thinks it's really interesting. A few days later Chris was inspired by Boyan about Windows. By December, Boyan and Chris signs up for the National IT competition, with their IT teacher as their "master". When the competition has started, Boyan has managed to code a Calculator on Batch, but that wasn't a good idea for the contest. Soon, Boyan has constructed the very first batch File Manager Beta. Chris thought it was a great idea for the competition, so they started making their own small website in Wix.com. The first name Chris thought for their small company was DOS-DUDES, and it was approved by Boyan. The file manager was a success, but Boyan thought that DOS-DUDES was a very boring name for a company. By that time, Boyan started using Visual Studio, and he wanted the new company's name to have the word 'Visual' in it, so Chris came up with the name 'Visual Vortex' and was approved by Boyan. Chris even managed to create the logo


When Visual Vortex was founded, Chris and Boyan started making their main website on Wix.com and was making much progress. That was until Chris' father recommended to get a real professional domain and make a pro-website with it. Chris accepted the offer and then asked his co-worker Boyan to see if he approves. There were a few arguments for a while, but when it was finally approved by Boyan, Chris' dad bought the domain, made an account, copy-pasted a template and showed the founders how to use it. By now, Boyan has started making more programs and Chris has started making more designs for the website. As the construction is still going on, Boyan and Chris are editing the downloaded template.